The cuisine of White Bay, along with its talented bakers and cooks, is well known in the region. This is a talent we want to showcase at the Stanley Ford Property. This will be an excellent backdrop for "Fish and Brewis on the Rocks", a Harbour Deep traditional recipe.

We feature this fish delicacy in an outdoor setting, close to the water and the store on the wharf. Local residents traditionally recycle hot water tanks to construct "brewisers" which are portable fire pits designed with a rack and a pit for burning a small controlled fire. Visitors experience getting the pot of brewis ready to go on the open fire in a cast-iron pot. When the water boils out of the pot, the delicacy is ready to consume. This usually takes about 55 minutes. A seated area on the premises provides a place for visitors to enjoy this unique cook-up.

Bon App├ętit!

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